The CamFlux is a flowmeter engineered and manufactured exclusively in Italy according to DIN-EN 1264-4 standard and facilitates the accurate regulation of the quantities of water required in heating and cooling systems.

It is available in a variety of materials including brass and glass-fibre filled polymers with very high temperature resistance, with leak testing up to 15 bar.

CAM di Crescini
CAM di Crescini

The company

Our company was founded in Mura in 1990 with the aim of becoming the world leader in the production of flowmeter. We have been able to achieve this goal thanks to our dedication to innovation and the quality of our products. We offer a wide range of flowmeters to meet the needs of a variety of civil and industrial plant sectors.
We are proud to be considered a global leader in our field.

The headquarters of CAM Srl has been designed and built with a design that identifies it as a comfortable environment capable of conveying to the end customer purchasing our products the idea of the home in which the flowmeter we produce will be installed.

Made in Italy
Made in Italy


The fully-automated supply chain of the Camflux flowmeter assembled and tested in Italy and the strict control of the raw materials used make our product a worldwide exclusivity in terms of quality and guarantee.

Designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in Italy.

Progettazione CAD Flussimetri


Flow measurement is based on the principle of moving the flow breaker within a measuring tube. The position of the flow breaker is shown on the indicator body by means of a longitudinal rod that connects it to the body. The scale on the indicator makes it easy to read the amount of flow. By turning the red adjustment handwheel, the opening section of the valve can be changed and thus the desired flow quantity can be set or completely blocked. Thanks to the stop ring, in combination with the adjustment handwheel, the flow quantity can be easily reproduced.

Funzionamento flussimetri

Memory Stop

Locking system for the degree of opening of the flowmeter which allows, when the circuit is reopened, the stroke to stop at the initial setting (design value).

  1. Set the flowmeter setting to design value. The handwheel must be removed during this operation;
  2. Screw the "Memory-Stop" ring nut anti-clockwise (left-hand thread) until it reaches the end of the stroke;
  3. Reposition the handwheel. By turning the handwheel (clockwise) it is possible to close the individual circuit. By turning in the opposite direction until it is locked, it is possible to reopen the circuit, up to the set design value.

Using the two eyelets on the handwheel, the flowmeter can be plumbed to prevent tampering with the set setting.

Funzione memory stop flussimetro

Various materials

The CamFlux flowmeter features four product lines, divided into different materials and different flow rates, which cater for all types of underfloor heating manifolds by adapting to each with interchangeable inserts according to requirements.

Each of these types of Camflux flowmeters is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurement of water flow in underfloor heating manifolds.

Materiali flussimetro
Materiali flussimetro
Materials Flowmeter
1. 1/2" interchangeable thread fitting made of plastic mat. PA 66-40% mineral F.V., brass and steel
2. Shutter mat. PA 66-50% mineral F.V.
3. Rod mat. POM 3. Rod mat. POM
4. Indicator body mat. PA 12 transparent
5. Spring retainer mat. PA 66-30% mineral F.V.
6. Stop ring mat. PA 66-30% mineral F.V.
7. Adjustment handwheel mat. ABS
8. Ferrule mat. PA 66-30% mineral F.V
9. Adapter mat. PA 66-50% mineral F.V.


Our quality concept has always been geared towards innovation with automated lines capable of guaranteeing and ensuring a perfect CamFlux flowmeter.

We boast automated production lines that guarantee maximum efficiency and punctuality in meeting our customers' needs.

Produzione automatizzata Produzione automatizzata Produzione automatizzata

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The experience we have gained over the years, our qualified staff, combined with our dynamism and the pursuit of a service that is always attentive to the needs of companies, place us as a reference!

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